Tekware YouTube Downloader
Tekware YouTube Downloader is a simple YouTube file downloader that downloads
YouTube files by entering the text link and clicking the Download button.

 Once you have clicked download the video want to download will instantly start
to download in the background if it is a video that YouTube hasn't blocked.

 You can download the video to any folder you wish as soon as the download button
is clicked.

 After you click download time will vary on how long the video is downloaded depend-
ing on the size of the video.
 When your video has downloaded a message will appear letting you know it has com-

 If the message doesn't appear take care not to close the program before this message
 Because videos are a continuous stream of data their is no progress bar and you must
wait until this message appears. The message will appear once the download is complete.

 Until a lifetime license to use Tekware YouTube Downloader is  purchased through Pay
Pal you won't be able to enter an alternate link than the one provided.

 After purchasing a lifetime license to use Tekware YouTube Downloader this portion of
the program will be unlocked to allow you to enter any YouTube link.

 Click the Pay Pal button link below to buy a lifetime license to use TekwareYouTube
Downloader. You will receive a program key as soon as possible after purchase is complete.