Mirror your Shareware Downloads
Host your shareware programs here and save the expense of continually paying for web servers at up to half the price of conventional hosting! Hosting can be really expensive when you add in domain renewal costs, monthly fees, service fees and other hidden costs! Let us host your files for a great price and save the money time and headache of finding a web host. Or just use this service as a mirror to guarantee your files are always available when your main sever is unavailable.

Hosting of shareware files by us can save you up to 50% of what you would pay for using other web hosts though you won't have ftp access we will host each of your programs for only $2.50 per year. Files must be no larger than 25 megabytes each and must be submitted by email or link. Please remember to also attach a matching xml pad file for each file so we can review your submission.

Pad file updates can be submitted up to once a month for program revisions or program updates.

Single program posting purchases are not allowed. Program hosting must be purchased for a minimum of four slots for $10 due to processing time and Pay pal fees. Any unused hosting slots purchased and not used can be claimed at any later date.

When submitting a program it is advised to recompile your project before submitting it to have a matching timestamp on the submission and to check for errors. We don't check each submission for errors and we are not responsible for distributing flawed programs.

Software types we don't accept are: gambling, pornography, fortune telling, or non-christian religious software, or spamming software. We reserve the right to cancel any submissions of this type without a refund!

Where will users download my files?
The link to your pad file for example will look like this for your xml pad information file:

How do I get started?
Select a Pay Pal link below that matches the number of files you want us to host. Next email us the files you want us to host with a pad file description file attached. Then once we email you that your files are approved use the link below to purchase hosting. We will usually respond back within a few hours.

Single links $2.50 each:
Or save 25% for ten plus links
  purchased just 2$ each
Contact us: