PC Shades
 PC Shades was created to reduce eye strain from bright web pages and other sources that quickly cause eye
irritation that results in bloodshot eyes, eye pain and eventual headaches that can occur from fatigue. Using
this program can help keep your eyes healthier and prevent this fatigue that comes from computers being
used for extended periods. Whether you use this program at home or ar work PC Shades will help you enjoy using
your computer again. Display settings are often clumsy and difficult to understand how to use. Using PC Shades
gives you a quick and easy way to extend your display settings when brightness can't be reduced low enough
to the levels that YOU desire. Also pick from a wide variety of colors for the color filter of your choice.

Colors and brightness:
                      Just press Ctrl + L to make your screen lighter or press Ctrl + D to make your screen darker
or just click the plus or minus icons in the top center of the main screen. The color of the filter can be set temporarily
by clicking Color in the Setting pull down menu or alternatively go to the top center of the screen again and click on
the tab between plus and minus to make available color choices appear. Please note that these functions only work
when the main page is visible and not when it is minimized.

        Use the settings area to choose color of the filter with option to save the current color as the default color.
Brightness can be selected from the settings area but is not stored as a program setting. You can set PC Shades to
start automatically with windows by clicking the checkbox provided. When selected PC Shades will start automatically
when windows starts. To change this setting to just turn off or on from the Settings pull down menu.

Color Rotation: PC shades also comes with automatic color rotation that can be used if desired as an option to change
the filter color to another color at random if so desired . This allows you to change colors between every 3 seconds to
every 10 minutes. This is a very pleasant feature that is fun to use and relaxing for the eyes. Try different speeds and
brightness for whatever you desire for a pleasant visual effect. Enjoy!

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