Tekware HorseShow is a slideshow viewer
that allows you to control the rate of viewing with the touch of a button. The viewer comes with 200+ beautiful photos (5 in the demo) but 100's more will be added in the near future. Optionally you can also add as many photos as you like and use it to view family pictures, or any type of photo you like.

 Photos included give you a pleasant distraction to view
these beautiful animals in various settings. We used the
largest photos we could find and many are screen sized
beautiful color photos.

Features on the fly auto-resizing. Pictures are automatically resized to fit the slideshow viewer without affecting the size of the original file.
Floating semi transparent form allows you to pause and play photos, move to another folder as you wish. You can also easily change the delay for eah photo being shown.

When you buy your copy of Tekware HorseShow online today we will send you the unlock key by email the same day or within a few hours when possible.

Tekware HorseShow
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