Web Page Scraper Pro is a shareware try before you buy program that automatically downloads

image files from web pages.  After Web Page Scraper Pro downloads images they become visible

on the main page of Web Page Scraper Pro. From there you have the option to convert the images

to other file formats, bmp, gif,  jpg, or png image files. After the images appear on the desktop of

Web Page Scraper Pro you also have the option to copy images to the clipboard, set an image as

a Windows desktop background, delete images you don't want, export images to any folder you

wish or print an image to your printer.

                         Great for:
                                          Building web pages with captured internet images

                                          Converting Images to other formats - BMP, GiF, JPG, PNG

                                          Creating image collections from the internet
                                          Changing Windows wallpaper fast

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Web Page Scraper Pro