Tekware Live Backgrounds
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 Tekware Live Backgrounds allows you to add gif animations to
your Windows background  to make your desktop a thing of beauty.
 Add any animated gif that you like or any image desired.
This is just one for display purposes here to give you a feel for
this enhancement.

 Tekware Live Backgrounds comes with the  ability to:

 Play gif animations on the Windows desktop.
 Pick colors surrounding the image.
 Show screen size gif animations or wallpaper.
 Enlarge images, including animated gifs.
 Quick picture background changes with still or animated photos.
 Option to start with Windows automatically if desired.
 Pick from 9 different positions to place an image.
 Freeze animations.
 Swap displayed images instantly.

  Tekware Live Backgrounds comes as an online download that
will be made available to you after picking a license below.

Your order will be processed generally within a day. Click the buy now
link to receive Tekware Live Backgrounds today.

YouTube Demo