Smart Switch

 Smart Switch software was created to allow you to activate voice
activated devices on the schedule you choose. You can choose from
daily, weekday, weekend, or a specific time and date to activate
your device. The modest price of Smart Switch software makes it
an inexpensive solution to activate your device compared to using
more expensive and complicated devices but still being programable
like other high end devices.

 Use it turn off and on voice activated devices using the text you
need to speak using computer voices. Great for turning devices off
and on automatically on a schedule without the need to have to give
voice commands yourself when you are away to turn devices on before
you arrive or after going to bed or to turn lights off and on while
you are on vacation to give the illusion of someone being at home.
You can also use it as a reminder of appointments on a specific time
and date. Install Smart Switch on more than one computer to control
devices in different rooms or levels.

 To unlock Smart Switch for unlimited lifetime use a software key
will be sent you after purchasing a lifetime software license.After
clicking on the buy now button below you you can purchase the license
through Pay Pal by credit card or a Pay Pal account.Once the payment
is complete Pay Pal will notify us and you will be sent your password
key, usually the same day for a one time payment of $25.