Master Ebook Editor
  Master Ebook Editor is a text to speech software made first for ebook authors that need to automate
the somewhat tedious task of adding page numbers to works of literature. Recognizing that authors
aren't concerned about page numbers while trying to create a well wriiten document or potential mas-
terpiece Master Ebook Editor solves the problem of how to help finalize your work by ading page num-
bers automatically for you.

 Master Ebook Editor also works as a text review tool to help you spot missing words and misspellings
by letting you view or playback your ebook page by page. When you distribute your program you don't
want to spend many hours of work to just throw it on the internet haphazardly. This program helps to
give the finishing touches necessary to make your works look more professionally constructed.

 Secondly Master Ebook Editor is a wonderful playback tool that allows you to instantly transform ebook
pages into sound files that are played instantly for you upon creation in Windows Media Player as wav
files that can be be converted to mp3 files that you can take with you in a portable device. You can use
these files to market your ebook as audio ebooks or to play sample excerpts of you work on media sites
like YouTube or on a website where your work is sold as an extra way to present or sell your works.
Great for letting your customers listen to excerpts in web pages of your ebooks as well.
 Record at the speed you select and with several different male and female voices to choose from. Try below:
David Sample Voice  Hazel Sample Voice  Michael Sample Voice    Michelle Sample Voice    Zira Sample Voice

 Ebook playback: Use this feature to playback ebooks from page to page, by section, or an entire ebook. To begin
load an ebook text file by clicking Browse and opening the ebook of your choice. Next review the text briefly for
page numbers that occur in the text and choose the pages you wish to hear. Then go to the Settings menu amd
choose the start and finish pages. Then click start and wait for Windows Media Player to launch the pages as a
sound file. You can pause your recording or stop your recorded playback at any time you wish if desired. Once
finished you cam bookmark where you left off by going to the Bookmark menu under last page.
Finds last ending puctuation of sentences for Page numbers
Insert word Page and number after spaces
Insert New Line and Page and number in text blocks
Creates WAV Sound files of Ebook without a microphone
Records a sentence, a page, several pages, entire ebook
Word search find specific word in text and highlights it
PDF import text tool scrapes text from existing PDFs
Launches Adobe PDF viewer with document converter
Pick which ebook pages to play or entire book as sound file
Option to choose which voice to use for recording
Option to choose speed of voice to use for recording
Bookmarking lets you save your place of last page read aloud
Text editor lets you save your text with fonts and colors in rtf file
Tweak- lets you pick how many lines between page insertations
Wav to MP3 converter shrinks sound files down

New! Add up to 100 full screen slides with loop option
(See sample below)

Converted MP3 can be carried with on a portable device
or MP3 can be used as a smaller download for pages


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can be translated using a translation service that be found online. Then send me a copy of your
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This is a complete English  Ebook sample here.
This a complete French Ebook sample here.
This a complete Japanese Ebook sample here.
This a complete Spanish Ebook sample here.
This is a complete Chinese Ebook sample here.
What this?
Includes one free* Windows Media Video with Master Ebook Editor software purchase!
                                 (*Subject to clean content approval)
Newest sample with 50 slides here.
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