Icon Grabber

 Icon grabber is a shareware try before you buy program intended to help you with
the task of extracting embedded icons. Icons can be extracted as a single icon or by
batch converting an entire folder after buying a license here online. Icons will appear
grey until a license key is purchased.
 New features have recently beem added which also allow you to convert your icons
to diferent formats such as bmp, gif, jpg, and png. You can also now export icons
you have extracted or converted to any folder you choose. Like to grab some files
from a website but don't want to spend hours digging through web pages? We've
also just added a icon downloader  that downloads images from web pages in batches

 If you are here you have already seen how easy it is to extract, convert or download
icons with ease, without even having to read help because Icon grabber is so easy to
use. Icon Grabber speaks for itself. Please click the link below if you enjoy using
Icon Grabber and we will send you a program key right away.

To buy a lifetime license instantly online through Pay Pal just click the link below:
Tekware Software