Icon Grabber

 Icon grabber is a shareware try before you buy program intended to help you with
the task of extracting embedded icons. Icons can be extracted as a single icon or by
batch converting an entire folder after buying a license here online.

 To extract a single icon from a file simply type or paste the path to the file in the path
box provided and click the extract button. If the extraction is successfull the icon will
appear in C:\Icon Grabber\Temp, usually with a number prefix. At this point it is advis-
able to rename  the icon to a familiar name for later reference.

 Batch extractions for large folders are not recommended because of the time involv-
ed in extracting files with a high number of files. When batch converting an entire fol-
der it is advised to delete any files from the desination folder first to avoid over populat-
ing your destination folder and making it difficult to sort the icons afterwards.

Extensions: When batch extracting icons by extension type the file extension in the box
provided to extract files from files of that type, example, exe, msc, etc. This is to avoid
errors when a file is encountered without an embedded icon and to narrow your select-
ion to organize which file types have been searched for embedded icons.

To buy a lifetime license instantly online through Pay Pal just click the link below:
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