Email Double Encrypter
Email Double Encrypter encrypts text with an advanced algorithm that can't be read
by anyone wishing to intercept or read your private personal emails. Internet security   
is always a concern and Email Encrypter Pro gives your emails a higher level of security.
If you have never used an encryption program you then need this advanced protection to
keep your private messages private. Use between two or more computers for secure email

        Makes text unreadble to prying eyes.
        Send encrypted email text.
        Sends emails without having to open a browser.
        Double encryption frustrates anyone trying to decrypt your emails.
        Zip utility included automatically zips your message to folder of your choice.
        Password protect your file attachments making them virtually bulletproof to hackers.
        Zip any file as a bonus free program included.
        Free upgrades and email support are always included.

For unlimited use of Email Double Encrypter please use the Pay Pal link below.

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