DeskCam Screen Recorder
 Deskcam Screen recorder is an easy to use screen recorder that saves motion and sound
 from your desktop in full screen  as a WMV, Windows Media Video. Just plug in a micro-
 phone and start DeskCam Screen Recorder and click record and  DeskCam Screen Record-
 er will start capturing your desktop as a video with sound. Mute is also done with a single

  That's really all their is to it. When you're finished just click the record button again to stop
 capturing your desktop and wait for your new Windows Media Video file name to appear in
 the list that shows the exact time and and date of capture. Don't worry about searching for
 the videos you made in the future because every time you restart DeskCam Screen Recorder
 the list of files that you made are automatically reloaded for you for your convenience and
 peace of mind.

 To playback a video that you just made or at an earlier date can be launched very easily just
by clicking on the video shown in the list or by clicking play under the list of files. Should you
decide to delete a video just click on it and click delete.

 To copy the file you made to another folder just touch the file wih your mouse arrow to sel-
ect it and click copy.Then click paste after opening the folder of your choice anywhere on
your computer.

 Just pay the small fee below to receive a program key to unlock DeskCam Screen
Recorder for lifetime use and start making your own YouTube videos or just for your
own library by clicking below and the key will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for trying DeskCam Screen Recorder!

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