Clip Reader
  Clip Reader is a voice text reader that reads anything copied to the clipboard. To use Clip Reader
just copy text by highlighting it and clicking copy in any web page or document that has a copy
option. Almost instantly after you copy the text you want read it will be read aloud for you.

Features: New! Blazing fast voice recorder records voice text  without a microphone at high speed!             
       Read Text aloud from any open document, email, online news, ebooks, web pages

       Slider control lets you choose the playback speed

       Saves text as a file that can be read again at a later date
       Optional repeat function to replay text you want to study

       Choose from different voices and male or female voices

       Converts any wav file to MP3 for carrying with you in a portable device for playback later.
       New! Web page text importer imports text from web page, open Internet Explorer page detection.   

       Great for bringing mp3s pn the road,  work, for work, studying.  

      Click the buy now link below to receive a lifetime license and program key to Clip Reader
      and lifetime free upgrades, free technical support, no yearly subscription fees.

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