Christmas Link Player

Christmas Link Player is a YouTube link player that plays back YouTube videos without commercial interuption. Christmas Link Player uses Mozilla Firefox to view any YouTube video link though this program is intended for  use with Christmas holiday favorites.

 Sample video links have already been added to get you started in your collection of favorites. Optionally you can add or remove any link  easily.

 You have the option to play as many links as you wish by using different options.
Clicking play plays a single video link. To repeat the same video link simply check the replay checkbox. To replay an album or collection automatically autoplay must be enabled  if the link has multiple videos.

 The Play All checkbox when checked will automatically move to the next video when the video link currently playing is completed. When the end of the list is reached the player will stop automatically. With this feature play begins from the currently selected link, Should you wish to start at the beginning of the list you must select the first video and select the Play All checkbox before you begin.

 Should you wish wish to stop playing video and you have previously checked either checkbox you must uncheck the box you had checked previously to stop another video from loading or replaying. Simply closing an open window playing a video will not stop the player when either checkbox is checked. You must uncheck the checked box to stop
Christmas Link Player.

Please click the link below for a lifetime license to use Christmas Link Player.
Merry Christmas!

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