A Better Button is a Windows 8 start button replacement that gives you back missing menu items lost upgrading to Windows 8. Create links to up to 200 Program Files links is built in. If you miss your old Windows start button then try out this Windows start button clone. Includes a properties box to allow you to link to exes located in any Program Files folder. Includes menus that link to many Windows control panel items and other programs and utilities. Button can be closed like a program if desired and can be anchored in the center of the screen or any corner.

 Option to switch style  of start button menu to Windows Vista, Windows 7
classic. Free unlimited upgrades and technical support included for users
that make a support donation.
A Better Button
Improved Windows 8 start button menu
Windows Vista style start button menu
Windows 7 classic style start button menu
Linking to 200 Program Files Folders option
3 Different Menu Sizes Available in Windows 8 button
Pick Your Own Color Styles For Menus and Text
Male Or Female Voice Options If Desired
Menu Shortcuts to Hidden Control Panel Items
Anchor Feature On Demand Center Screen, Corners
Missing Windows Shut Down Button In Button
Properties Box Edits Sub Folder Program Files Links
Popular links built in to Facebook, Ebay, Google Search
Start Automatically Option with Windows
Wheel Mouse Enabled

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